Monday, September 25, 2006

How to Choose the Name of your Blog

The 1st question you will probably face before creating your blog is: << What name will I choose for my blog? >>. In addition to that, you will soon realise that it's not the only name that you will have to choose/invent. You will also have to create an e-mail address, an user account name to access the authoring application of your blog (such as Blogger), I would also recommend that you create a counter in order to get traffic statistics of your blog and you will need again an user account name to administer it, etc. In order to ease the administration of the different parts of your blogging environment, I would recommend that you choose/invent one and only one name for all these items. But, I can already hear your frustration when you will find out that someone else has already used the name you have chosen :-(

In order to minimise the probability that you will be frustrated not being the first one thinking about your "nice" name, I would suggest that you choose/invent a name that is not (yet) in the Google index. That's my tip!

For instance, you can see that while I am writing this post the word "Blonabel" does not exist in the Google index. It's MY name!

The other nice thing about this technique is that, as time goes by, when you will search again for your blog's name within the Google index, you will ONLY find more and more pages talking about YOUR blog! For instance, if you search for "Blonabel" onto Goggle (you can click on, you will only find (a lot) of pages talking about THIS blog!

To conclude, I was quite surprised to discover that there are still a lot of three syllabs (invented) words that are not (yet) in the Google index. Thus, that is the exercise, you should try to find out a couple of them, good luck ;-)


About Blonabel

This blog will be dedicated to help people to create their own blog. I know that there are already thousand of blogs about blogging on the web, but I am still hoping that I can provide something different, if not better. In order to be different/better, I will try to create a step-by-step approach driving you to the creation of a nice blog, and I will be cautious to remain very practical. Ideally, I hope that each time you finished to read one of my posts, you will get some practical "procedure" that you can directly test yourself on your own blog.